Company Profile
Vision Mission
Our mission is to be an organization which creates value for our customers, employees, partners and shareholders.
Producing products and creating brands, by taking into consideration the environmental and health issues, for leather industry with our power which comes from our production and service quality, becoming a leader in leather chemicals industry. 
General Policy of Integrated Management System

Creating value for our environment, community, customers, employees and shareholders within the framework of our mission and vision,

Having qualified, motivated, efficient, innovative human resource who aims at profitable growth.  

Meeting the need of education which will contribute the personal and technical improvement of our employees.

 Sharing our knowledge and experiences with partners, employees and suppliers to develop all together.

Complying the Occupational Health and Safety regulations, minimizing the relevant risks, determining and taking the necessary preventions to obtain safe and healthy environment for our employees.

Determining and controlling the risks and effects on environment and employees, taking preventions to remove and reduce the pollution in its origin.

Realizing our facilities according to legal responsibilities and other legislations while raising awareness among our employees, suppliers and visitors.

Sustaining our operations with the principles of Integrated Management System,

Contributing the cultural, social and economic improvement in our area by taking social responsibilities.