Turesin W 701

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Core Points : General purpose organic filler to impart even soft and round fullness with silky touch.

Product Description : Organic proteins and filler mixture with dispersing additive.


Appearance : Ivory Powder
Total Solid (%) : min. 90
pH (1:10) : 6,0 – 8,0
Light fastness : Good


Turesin W 701 is a general purpose organic filler for the retannage of leathers. Leathers treated with Turesin W 701 show uniform tight handle, smooth grain and roundness with a silky touch and good buffing properties. Turesin W 701 improves fullness and helps to fill the empty areas like bellies and shanks therefore it is highly recommended to improve the cutting yield value. It promotes better quality consistence between different wet blue stocks. Turesin W 701 can be used directly in chrome, vegetable or mix re-tanning. The best filling effect can be obtained offering the product immediately before fat-liquoring pro- cess where we can obtain it’s best penetration and physical – chemical up-tacking.

Packaging : 25 Kg. Kraft Bags
Storage : At least one year when stored properly according to international industrial norms and practice between 5° - 50°C original sealed packing. After opening the package, product must be con- sumed in a short period of time and preserved in- side its original packing until it is finished.
Safety Measures : This product is dangerous if inhaled. Please revert to relevant Safety Data Sheet.