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Core Points: High performance soaking and emulsifying chemical for wetting and liming process of all kinds of leathers

Product Description : Auxilary for leather treatments.


Appearance : Colorless transparent liquid
pH (direct) : 6,5 – 8,0


Turwet A is a completely biodegradable agent which has characterictics to emulsify while perfectly wetting. It can be used at a very wide range of pH value, as the performance of the chemical is not related to medium pH.
Turwet A has high capability of emulsifying the natural fat. This feature helps to reduce water surface tension, enhances cleaning effects and creates perfectly cleaned, uniformly wet leather.
Turwet A can be added to drum without diluting. No densification and little foam in drum.

Recommended usage of Turwet A :
- 0,4 -1 % based on salted weight
o Wetting of all kinds of dry skins
o Wetting of all bovine hides which has high natural fat
o Reducing the time of soaking process

Packaging : 120 kg Plastic Drum

Storage : At least one year when stored properly according to international industrial norms. Below + 10 ᵒC viscosity can increases and around 0 ᵒC it is cloudy. It turns back to its original aspect when heated to room temperature.
After opening the package, product must be consumed in a short period of time and preserved inside its original packing until it is finished.

Safety Instruction : Follow instructions on product Safety Data Sheet.